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Heisei Democracy Wonder Festiv
al 2007 Summer report: Haruhi and Lucky Star garage kits

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Haruhi, Lucky Star garage kits

Haruhi’s not dead! With a second season of TV anime in the works, games for PSP and PS2 on the horizon and the manga and serial novels still running strong it’s no surprise that the Haruhi kit presence remained a potent force at this summer’s Wonder Festival. Lucky Star started its TV run after the […]


Figure News: Wave scoops their entire Wonder Festival release announcement lineup?

Wave’s Wonder Festival 2007 Summer page has been unexpectedly fleshed out with details on (and pictures of) what appear to be all of the upcoming items they’ll have on display there. The newly pictured bishoujo kits include a 1/8 scale Yoko from Gurren Lagann, the earlier-announced 1/10 scale Haruhi, Yuki, Tsuruya-san and Kyon’s sister from […]

September 2007 Hobby Japan magazine

Figure News: highlights from Hobby Japan September ’07

Cobra Kai Shiranui Mai coming in PVC from Daiki Kougyou, Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu figures coming from Movic, Orchid Seed‘s Wonder Festival lineup includes a resin kit based on a Mogudan-illustrated [ERO] Comic Unreal cover, [ERO] Onegai Onsen (Onegai Teacher / Twins) trading figure set from Max Factory, [ERO] Cobra Kai Kanu Unchou PVC from […]


Haruhi Update: 20 minutes of video, no new information

On 7/7/7 at 9pm Tokyo Time (guess they thought that 7/7/7/7 would just be silly) a video was posted to haruhi.tv which appeared to show Haruhi and Kyon, err, I mean John Smith vandalizing a school field. This had previously announced in a full-page ad in the Asahi Shinbun, rendering the site site badly borked […]


Figure News: Goodsmile announces Nendoroid Mikuru, due out in September

Goodsmile posted a listing today for a Nendoroid Asahina Mikuru PVC / ABS figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Like the other figures in their Nendoroid line this one clocks in at 3,000 yen retail, roughly 10 cm tall, and comes complete with several exchangeable parts including a pair of faces, an arm with two […]


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