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Zero no Tsukaima Louise hug pillow (ver. 2) from Chara-Ani

Goods News: Zero no Tsukaima Louise (ver. 2) dakimakura coming from Chara-Ani

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute reports that anime goods maker and online shop Chara-Ani put up a listing yesterday for a new hug pillow (case only) depicting the feisty heroine of Zero no Tsukaima, Louise. It’s available for preorder from now through November 30th (which may be a typo as the sales date is listed […]


Goods News: charting the dakimakura boom

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute updated yesterday with a retrospective look at hug pillow presence over the past several Comic Markets, from 66 through the recently concluded C72, complete with graph (the pink line is industry presence, the blue is doujin circle presence). The graph measures the number of discreet units for sale, not the […]


[ERO] Goods News: latest developments in the creatively contoured hug pillow scene (oppai! oppai!)

Two significant developments today in the saga of the world’s first “Purichichi” contoured hug pillow (earlier reports here and here): first, Hobby Channel scoops the finished product with additional release information and production details. The pillowcase is scheduled to retail from Toranoana in September at 9,450 yen (or 15,750 yen in a set with accompanying […]


[ERO] Goods News: Goodsmile enters the hug pillow arena

News in from Goodsmile’s Chara Hobby event listing today that they’ll be offering an Amaizumimoriamekoyorino Mikoto (say that three times fast) [ERO] hug pillow for preorder at the event. She’s one of the heroines of rookie eroge maker Clochette‘s upcoming maiden release Kamipani!, and typically goes by the much shorter nickname Koyori; while I don’t […]

Sano Toshihide

[ERO] Goods News: Toranoana, G.J? announce “oppai dakimakura”

A Toranoana representative posted a column today at Akiba Blog detailing the production of what they’re calling “Purichichi“: a line of dakimakura (hug pillows) with fully contoured bosoms attached to the front. My amusement at the upgrade of the regular dakimakura’s already considerable “oh, Japan” potential changed to an entirely different emotion as I scrolled […]


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