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Alice Vocal Collection 2

In 2010, eroge maker Alice Soft’s sound director Shade produced an album that compiled some of the most memorable songs from the brand’s 20+ year history of games, bringing new instrumentation and assembling a cadre of elite vocalists to lyrically empower the formerly instrumental-only tracks. Now, a year after Alice Vocal Collection was released to […]


Nostalgia and slick beats in Yogurtbox’s ‘Tree of Knowledge’

If you’re a gamer or anime fan of a certain age, your awareness of what were then called “dating sims” probably began with a few titles ported to English in the late 90’s and early ’00s. If you recall the music from those games with fondness, this is an album you’ll want to hear. Tweet


Alice Vocal Collection

On November 26th Alice Soft will release a CD/DVD combo “Alice Vocal Collection” that features renditions of some of the most famous BGM tracks from their long history of erogames, rearranged and with vocals produced by musical artist Shade. To suit the wide variety of themes and styles, an equally colorful array of anisong and […]


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