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Game News: Nitro+ Royale -Heroines Duel- set for release on September 28th

First scooped back on May 29th and initially released at Comiket 72, word is in from the wizards at Nitro+ that their doujin-style fighter Nitro+ Royale -Heroines Duel- is set for individual package release on September 28th. Those who held off on the 6,000 yen Comiket set can now rejoice at the rather more reasonable […]


Protoculture News: encyclopedia of “yandere” heroines goes on sale

We first reported on the yandere boom back in May with information on the second doujin event devoted exclusively to these most bipolar of heroines. Word is in today from Akiba Blog that they’ve reached enough critical mass to receive their own installment in the “taizen” series of heroine encyclopedias (previous entries include Tsundere Taizen, […]

Ohno Kanako is my wife

Anime News: Genshiken season 2 screen shots, production details scooped

Via Moon Phase: Famitsu has put up a feature on the second season of the Genshiken anime, scheduled to air this October. It includes the first proper screen shots of the show that we’ve seen online, as well as details on the staff, cast, and Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma spinoff (though no info as to […]


Anime News: Genshiken season 2 trailer online

This trailer was first shown at Media Factory‘s industry booth at Comiket 72, but now it’s RIGHT HERE, courtesy of the magic of YouTube (and SDS, who once again rules in the realm of Genshiken spottings). Points of note after a first viewing: the illustration of Kujian‘s Ritsuko Kyuubel Kettenkrad (Kaichou) taped to the clubroom […]


Anime News: upcoming Macross TV series gets an 18 year old “utahime”, new provisional title, staff credits

Saturday evening’s Macross 25th anniversary memorial concert was the stage for the announcement of the new official (yet still provisional) title of this fall’s upcoming Macross TV series, now dubbed Macross F (with the “F” for “frontier”). It also brought the news that heretofore unknown songstress Nakajima Megumi won the utahime talent selection grand prix […]

Heisei Democracy Comic Market 72 Day 1 Event Report

Event Report: Comic Market 72, day 1

A quick rundown of the first day of Comic Market 72, from one man’s perspective (Shipon will be along later with a bunch of much nicer pictures, including cosplay, so be sure to stop back for that~). Day one verdict: fucking hot, but fun in hindsight. Tweet


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