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Wafuudou Ganguten

[ERO] Figure News: Wafuudou Ganguten’s original Cerberus Project sculpted “Halloween Girl” PVC up for preorder

Scooped here originally back in June, word is in today from Hobby Stock that Wafuudou Ganguten‘s ero-ero Nano Naru designed, Cerberus Project sculpted “Halloween Girl” kit is now available for preorder. Hobby Stock notes that her asking price has been raised five hundred yen from the original Tech Gian listing to 7,980 yen retail; rather […]


Magazine Review: Megami September 2007

The summer issue of everyone’s proto-magazine for bishoujo posters & related news, this issue of Megami boasts 220 pages, massive poster selection, Moetan feature & free pencil board. Also, a side word on Gamers bundling with the Comiket 72 CD Catalogue. Tweet

Heisei Democracy magazine review: Comp H

Magazine Review: Comp H’s (Comp Heroines) vol. 5 – UPDATED

Volume five of Comp H’s magazine is on sale today! Though not yet listed on the on Comptiq’s official site, we’re here with the scoop on what looks to be another clear win for the Lucky Star fans. See inside for Shiraishi Minoru gosurori cosplay, a Konata mask, an Akira cell phone strap, a loooooong […]

September 2007 Hobby Japan magazine

Figure News: highlights from Hobby Japan September ’07

Cobra Kai Shiranui Mai coming in PVC from Daiki Kougyou, Sekirei Tsukiumi and Matsu figures coming from Movic, Orchid Seed‘s Wonder Festival lineup includes a resin kit based on a Mogudan-illustrated [ERO] Comic Unreal cover, [ERO] Onegai Onsen (Onegai Teacher / Twins) trading figure set from Max Factory, [ERO] Cobra Kai Kanu Unchou PVC from […]


Figure News: August ’07 hobby magazine roundup

The scoops were scattered liberally across both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan this month, prompting me to pick up both in an endeavor to comprehensify. The result here is hardly complete, but it does extract what I see as the best new offerings from the August ’08 round of hobby rags: Alter presents a […]

Tech Gian, Wafuudou Ganguten, Nanao Naru, Sunny Day of Cerberus Project collaboration Halloween Girl figure

[ERO] Figure News: Nanao Naru designed, Cerberus Project sculpted original “Halloween Girl” PVC coming from Wafuudou Ganguten

August’s edition of Tech Gian magazine, on sale yesterday, scooped the announcement of Wafuudou Ganguten‘s collaboration with Nanao Naru and Cerberus Project‘s Sunny Day to produce a PVC version of Sunny Day’s Halloween-ko resin kit (based on a Nanao-rendered Tech Gian calendar pinup). The kit is castoffable, and scheduled to go on sale “around Halloween” […]

Heisei Democracy magazine review: Megami 86 vs. Comp H

Magazine Review: Megami 86 vs. Comp H’s 4

With Comp Heroines now established in its bimonthly slot, how does the late-May release of volume four stack up against the monthly competition from veteran poster magazine Megami? Check the list of posters, extras, and other content below for a summary judgement. Tweet

Otaku USA vol. 1

Magazine Review: Otaku USA, volume 1

I was sitting in the office today when my boss walked up and dropped a copy of this publication onto my desk. “They’re saying this is going to be the next Newtype”, he said. “Bigger than Newtype, maybe.” I flipped it open… and within thirty seconds knew I had to write this review. Note: the […]

Hobby Japan July 2007 edition

Figure News: Hobby Japan July ’07 edition

The July 2007 issue of Hobby Japan came out yesterday with a lot of interesting stuff inside, including the first published images of Code Geass’s C.C., Shirley, and Millay in figure form, a ginormous Tsuruya-san bunny girl PVC, Max Factory’s Fasalina and POLO System Wendy from Gun x Sword, a new Tsukasa Jun-designed Excellent Model […]


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