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Futaket Bound

The seventh iteration of the girls-with-extra themed doujinshi sales event Futaket will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, and HD will be there as a circle participant. The information packet for artists came in the mail last night so now it’s official! I’m psyched to be in the trenches creating again as the necessary preparations […]


Comiket 79

I went down to Tokyo on December 31st for the third day of Comic Market 79. It was my first Comiket in awhile, having been mired deep in the World of Warcraft for the past three ‘kets; I opted to take it easy and didn’t plan an ambitious schedule of morning stakeouts or freezing line-stands […]


Embrace Japan’s Diabolus Inclinatus

A relatively new player on the figure maker scene, Embrace Japan is tackling subject matter not entirely new: the doujinshi of circle Carrefours. Up this time is the voluptuous Diabolus Inclinatus, the demon girl featured in the original Carrefours Demonsqueezer doujin. Original design is from Carrefours’ Sousi Hirose, with sculpture form HOKUSOH. Release is set […]


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