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Daiki does Kanu Unchou, again

Figure maker Daiki Kougyou posted a product listing for a new Kanu Unchou PVC figure from Ikkitousen yesterday. In the tradition of Daiki’s figure lineup she is both huge and expensive, coming in at 38cm tall (1/5 scale) and 22,995 yen retail. The sculpt is from 5-Carat of circle Brilliant Cut, and the pose is […]


Okayama ero figures enter PVC arena

Note: this post and all of the links within should be treated as highly unsafe for work. A memo in the notebook of catching up with the PVC figure world: as of this year, (in)famous resin kit producer Okayama Figure Engineering has been producing PVC versions of their incredibly explicit resin kits that have long […]


Orchid’s Honey Blonde Erina preorder open

Figure maker Orchid Seed updated their website today with a listing for the eromanga-inspired figure now called Erina Mercer, based on the cover illustration of Fukudaada’s 2009 eromanga Honey Blonde. Further details on the figure have emerged: she’s 1/7 scale, 24 cm tall, with the sculpt from Ogawa Keiichirou. The kit is pre-painted PVC, scheduled […]


Orchid Seed’s Fukudaada Honey Blonde

Orchid Seed made a post to their dev blog last week announcing that they’re working on a figure modeled after the cover girl from eromanga artist Fukudaada’s 2009 release Honey Blonde. This prototype also made an appearance at Wonder Festival this past summer, but this is the first look we’ve seen at her online. The […]


Ecchi A-Label Shizune

Preorders are available for a castoff polystone/PVC figure of Fuutou Shizune from the eroge Oshioki Sweetie. Released in 2005 by maker Hadashi Shoujo, the game was largely forgettable but for the designs by Ino (a HD favorite) and especially Shizune, the girl with the bust that sailed a thousand ships. She got more than her […]


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