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Alice Vocal Collection 2

In 2010, eroge maker Alice Soft’s sound director Shade produced an album that compiled some of the most memorable songs from the brand’s 20+ year history of games, bringing new instrumentation and assembling a cadre of elite vocalists to lyrically empower the formerly instrumental-only tracks. Now, a year after Alice Vocal Collection was released to […]


Rance Quest Official Site Online!

The official website for Rance Quest, the 8th installment in the Rance series from Alice Soft, went live today. Among the details released are that the game is scheduled for “Summer 2011” release, requires a 1024×768 display, is a 3D isomorphic sprite-based RPG with up to five characters in the party, and includes recurring characters […]


Rance 8 promised for 2011

According to a blog post from December 29th on Alice Soft’s official staff blog, the venerable eroge company is committed to “definitely releasing the next Rance game within the coming year.” Alice Soft has had release delays in the past so this should be taken with a grain of salt, but it seems we can […]


Alice Soft’s Daiteikoku site open

The site for the game that prompted Alice Soft to close their homepage to foreign access this past spring is now online. Originally scheduled for release early this year, Daiteikoku was postponed and rebuilt from the ground up when Alice producer TADA played through the beta and found it to be boring, tedious, and not […]


Alice Vocal Collection

On November 26th Alice Soft will release a CD/DVD combo “Alice Vocal Collection” that features renditions of some of the most famous BGM tracks from their long history of erogames, rearranged and with vocals produced by musical artist Shade. To suit the wide variety of themes and styles, an equally colorful array of anisong and […]


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