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Boosting the Signal

As part of my exodus from Japan I shipped ~20 boxes of unopened 2007-2008 vintage bishoujo figures to my new home in Seattle. Now, at long last, it’s eBay time! If you’re looking for some very good deals on figures that are no longer easy to come by, you could do worse than checking out […]

Futaket Bound

The seventh iteration of the girls-with-extra themed doujinshi sales event Futaket will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, and HD will be there as a circle participant. The information packet for artists came in the mail last night so now it’s official! I’m psyched to be in the trenches creating again as the necessary preparations […]


Japan, Post-Quake: HD Stays.

A week ago, Japan was hit by the worst recorded earthquake in the country’s history. It and the resulting tsunami that followed have killed thousands and caused suffering to thousands more, as well as destroying infrastructure that threatens the well-being of the entire country. The situation at the damaged Fukushima reactors is grave. It is […]


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