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Haruhi Update: 20 minutes of video, no new information

On 7/7/7 at 9pm Tokyo Time (guess they thought that 7/7/7/7 would just be silly) a video was posted to which appeared to show Haruhi and Kyon, err, I mean John Smith vandalizing a school field. This had previously announced in a full-page ad in the Asahi Shinbun, rendering the site site badly borked […]

Akiba Demo 1 Small

BREAKING NEWS: Akiba Liberation Demonstration

The revolution may not be televised, but in this case, it certainly will be blogged. Saturday’s Akihabara Kaihou Demo (Akihabara Liberation Demonstration, previously covered here) appears to have been a remarkable success. Our man Animaestro had this to report from the field: Today Akihabara had the rare treat of experiencing the first ever Revolutionary Otaku […]

Boss Coffee

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Great UCC Conspiracy

Ace investigator Seiya represents today with the first installment of Tokyo Teleport Station, an item that (we hope) will become a regular column here at HD. In it he’ll be covering everything from the etiquette of watching pornography in a capsule hotel to the proper way to break into Tokyo’s Gainax HQ (AT Field optional), […]


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