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Orchid’s Honey Blonde Erina preorder open

Figure maker Orchid Seed updated their website today with a listing for the eromanga-inspired figure now called Erina Mercer, based on the cover illustration of Fukudaada’s 2009 eromanga Honey Blonde. Further details on the figure have emerged: she’s 1/7 scale, 24 cm tall, with the sculpt from Ogawa Keiichirou. The kit is pre-painted PVC, scheduled […]


Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo Catwoman

Figure maker Kotobukiya continues its lineup of “anime style” heroines from American comics featuring the voluptuous design interpretations of Yamashita Shunya. Leaving the Marvel universe for the time being they’ve unveiled two new figures of DC comics fame, both from the Batman franchise – Catwoman and Batgirl. I’ll admit my ignorance of the finer points […]


Native produces Ishikei original figure

Max Factory’s ero figure brand Native began taking preorders for a new original figure last Friday, based on an illustration by popular eromangaka Ishikei. Dubbed “Chie”, the figure is available in two versions: one with an included bathtub accessory for 12,800 yen, and the standalone figure for 9,800 yen. The prepainted PVC figure is 1/6 […]


Nekomimi Maid Kanu Unchou

. Shops received a listing last week for a new Nekomimi Maid Kanu Unchou figure from Ikkitousen’s most recent animated incarnation, Xtreme Xecutor. Production is from Griffon, with a sculpt from Yamamoto “Break Your Shelf With Ikkitousen Figures” Masahiro. The figure stands 24.5 cm tall, non-scale, and is scheduled for release in mid-December of this […]


KOS-MOS ver. 4 Figma

In other figure news from last week, Goodsmile’s page was updated with a Max Factory produced Figma action figure of KOS-MOS version 4, the version that appears in the middle of Xenosaga Episode 3. This is one of the most impressive Figma produced to date, with a wide array of weaponry, from dual ‘hand vulcan’ […]


Orchid Seed’s Fukudaada Honey Blonde

Orchid Seed made a post to their dev blog last week announcing that they’re working on a figure modeled after the cover girl from eromanga artist Fukudaada’s 2009 release Honey Blonde. This prototype also made an appearance at Wonder Festival this past summer, but this is the first look we’ve seen at her online. The […]


Beat’s school swimsuit Tama-nee

Figure maker Beat has announced two color versions of a new school swimsuit figure of Tamaki Kousaka from To Heart 2, White and Blue. The sculpt is from Kawasaki Kazushi of circle Plastic Garden, with production in PVC and ABS (for the beach chair). She stands at 1/6 scale (24.5 cm tall) and is scheduled […]


Embrace Japan’s Diabolus Inclinatus

A relatively new player on the figure maker scene, Embrace Japan is tackling subject matter not entirely new: the doujinshi of circle Carrefours. Up this time is the voluptuous Diabolus Inclinatus, the demon girl featured in the original Carrefours Demonsqueezer doujin. Original design is from Carrefours’ Sousi Hirose, with sculpture form HOKUSOH. Release is set […]


Yamato’s Super Sonico

Figure maker Yamato today posted a product entry for a Super Sonico (babydoll ver.) PVC figure. She retails for 8,190 yen (tax included) and stands 21 cm tall (1/8 scale), coming with a pair of inquisitive cats and a plate of macarons as extras. A version with a more complete diorama setup is also available. […]


Toranoana does Queen’s Blade Allain

Toranoana posted a product listing today for a Queen’s Blade Allain figure. The sculpt is from Matusmoto Enaga, with release scheduled from Tora on October 23rd. The figure is 1/8 scale and stands 12.5 cm in her kneeling pose, with a retail price of 6,500 yen (standard) and 7,000 yen (limited edition with telephone card). […]


Vispo’s Raquel in 3D

Last year one of my favorite sculptors, Vispo, produced a garage kit of an original winged bishoujo character called Raquel. With its clockwork wings the kit itself ranks among his most elaborate, and just as impressive it served to inspire a Russian CG artist to recreate her as a rigged model. The preliminary animation can […]


Ecchi A-Label Shizune

Preorders are available for a castoff polystone/PVC figure of Fuutou Shizune from the eroge Oshioki Sweetie. Released in 2005 by maker Hadashi Shoujo, the game was largely forgettable but for the designs by Ino (a HD favorite) and especially Shizune, the girl with the bust that sailed a thousand ships. She got more than her […]


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