Japan, Post-Quake: HD Stays.

A week ago, Japan was hit by the worst recorded earthquake in the country’s history. It and the resulting tsunami that followed have killed thousands and caused suffering to thousands more, as well as destroying infrastructure that threatens the well-being of the entire country. The situation at the damaged Fukushima reactors is grave. It is […]


Happoubi Jin’s “Rider” by Orchid Seed

A photo review of the (ero) bike outfit Rider PVC figure released by Orchid Seed in September 2010. With a design from Happoubi Jin this is a figure that has a lot going for it from the outset – but don’t take my word for it. HD figure reviews are back!


Comiket 79

I went down to Tokyo on December 31st for the third day of Comic Market 79. It was my first Comiket in awhile, having been mired deep in the World of Warcraft for the past three ‘kets; I opted to take it easy and didn’t plan an ambitious schedule of morning stakeouts or freezing line-stands […]


Sunday in Akihabara

Today’s visit to Akiba was marked by good Turkish food, nationalist marches, and the duty free salesmen caught between them. Read on for a bunch of pictures and a short video from the protest.

Heisei Democracy: blogging since 2004, undead blogging since 2010.

Rise From Your Grave

Rumors of the death of Heisei Democracy may have been exaggerated, but rumors of its new unlife have not – I’m slowly crawling my way back to the real world, through layers of dust accumulated over two years of Warcraft addiction. In that time a lot has passed by without comment in these pages, and […]


Gallery Test

I took a walk through the grounds of the Buddhist temple and amusement park near my apartment this afternoon with camera in tow. I was shooting with a Pentax K-x and the kit lenses that came with it, along with a separate macro lens. This was a test of the camera to start becoming more […]


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