Come chat with us!
#naisho on irc.synirc.net.
1. Keep it cool.
2. Use coherent English.
Edit: due to recent growth of the channel it seems #1 needs to be spelled out more clearly.
1.1. #naisho is a neutral, public forum. It is not your personal soapbox. You are free to express your opinions, but they should be clearly stated as such with consideration for the opinions of others. The statement of opinions as facts (saying “GUNDAM SUX” as opposed to “I don’t like Gundam” or “I don’t think Gundam is very good”) is a bannable offense.
1.2. We’re all about geeking out over what we think is really cool, and no one likes it when someone else rains on their parade. While discussion is encouraged, negative statements are discouraged and a constant stream of negative statements will result in a ban. As your mum may have told you: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. A channel full of idlers is preferable to one full of ill will.
1.3. We don’t care about your personal private life. There’s a proper place for discussing the minutiae of your day; #naisho is not it. There’s a certain amount of leeway here, but reporting every moment of your offline activity to the chat will result in a ban.
1.4 Interpersonal drama occuring in chat is cause for summary expulsion from the channel. This applies to everyone. Multiple occurrences of drama will result in a ban.
As the channel grows and attracts a more diverse crowd it’s sometimes hard to keep all the pieces working harmoniously together, but follow these guidelines and we’ll all get along just great.
See you in the chat!

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