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Love Desu (Death) 555 site open

3D polygon-based eroge maker Teatime opened the official site today for their newest game, Love Desu 555. According to the demo movie and other promotional material available on the site, the game will be “the industry’s first collaborative online eroge”, with an internet connection enabling the player to join others in ‘battle’ and playing pranks […]


INO lives, Otome Function does too

Checking up on the whereabouts of another HD favorite artist, it appears that despite almost a year of dormancy at its official site, work on the animated interactive eroge Otome Function is proceeding apace and artist INO is still attached to the project. Updates are coming regularly on the project blog along with some very fetching […]


Vispo’s Raquel in 3D

Last year one of my favorite sculptors, Vispo, produced a garage kit of an original winged bishoujo character called Raquel. With its clockwork wings the kit itself ranks among his most elaborate, and just as impressive it served to inspire a Russian CG artist to recreate her as a rigged model. The preliminary animation can […]


Queen’s Blade: Slave Warrior Branwen

The official Queen’s Blade blog updated yesterday with a profile for the newest upcoming character in the Rebellion spinoff Queen’s Blade series, Toraware no Ryuu Senshi Buranuen (Captive Dragon Warrior Branwen). The post describes her as an enslaved gladiator, formerly known as the dragon’s daughter who rode proudly into battle atop one of these fearsome […]


Genshiken resumes serialization

Via Sankaku Complex: According to the October issue of Afternoon Magazine on sale in a couple of days, the Genshiken manga will be seeing a limited run revival come the November issue. Written and illustrated by Kio Shimoku (as was the original), the new series will focus on the club under the management of Ogiue, […]


Elf’s “Human Debris”

The newest eroge in the lineup from maker Elf is Ningen Deburi (Human Debris), with the subtitle “Konna Jibun Ni Dare Ga Shita?” – roughly “who made me into this?”, and is scheduled for release on October 29th. The introductory Flash on the front page of Elf’s website indicates that we’re in for another in […]


Sexy Beach Zero demo

The new game being developed by (in)famous 3D polygon eroge studio Illusion is Sexy Beach Zero, scheduled for release on October 29th. As part of the hype leading to the game’s release they recently made a demo movie available for download that showcases most game features, from the dating mode, various forms of flirtation and […]


Ecchi A-Label Shizune

Preorders are available for a castoff polystone/PVC figure of Fuutou Shizune from the eroge Oshioki Sweetie. Released in 2005 by maker Hadashi Shoujo, the game was largely forgettable but for the designs by Ino (a HD favorite) and especially Shizune, the girl with the bust that sailed a thousand ships. She got more than her […]


Macross F 2nd Movie

An official site opened on September 17th for the second Macross Frontier theatrical film, Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa (Wings of Farewell). The movie is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on February 26th, 2011, and according to promotional material found here will be the anticipated conclusion of the theatrical re-imagination of the original series (following […]


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