Heisei Democracy is a blog devoted to the latest in news, reviews, and opinion on the two-dimensional culture of Japan, with particular emphasis on the media (anime, manga, console games), ero (eroge, eroanime, eromanga, doujinshi), and hobby (PVC figures, garage kits, analog games) sides of the industry, and the culture and events surrounding them.
HD has been updated irregularly since 2004 with its peculiar brand of fanboyish zeal, irreverent consumerism and critical commentary, always keen to explain why we think what we think is so cool is. So cool. And we usually do it with grammar intact!
If you’re looking for in-depth news on the latest developments in the Japanese 2D world, reviews of the goods that provide the discerning fan with his or her vital sustenance, event reports fresh from the source, and commentary on topics ranging from Japanese otaku society to urban spelunking in Tokyo to the meaning of moe, you’ve come to the right place.
HD ni youkoso!
About the Authors
Shingo is the founder, maintainer, and primary motive force behind Heisei Democracy. Originally from the US, since graduating from college in 2003 he has been working in the Kanto region of Japan and simultaneously sinking futher into the depths of 2D fandom.
His interests addictions include ass-kicking heroines, otaku culture, waking at inhuman hours, Ohno Kanako, alcohol, jazz / jam rock / denpa, and maniac ero. When not pursuing one of his excessive list of hobbies he can usually be found hanging out on IRC.
Shipon is a contributor to HD, writer of Pure Love Renaissance, producer of HDTV, Ruiner of Worlds, Destroyer of Men. Hailing from Australia, he ran away to Japan after graduating with high-level (but practically useless) music composition and production degrees. He took up residence in the wild north of Honshu where he squanders his meager paychecks on figures, manga and PS2 renai games.
He began writing for HD in 2006 and attempts to keep his Horie Yui infatuation in check with self-flagellation, cheap conbini liquor and repeated attempts at the JLPT. When not slumped over the keyboard in front of his Mac after days of animating mosaics for HDTV videos he pursues an amateur career in pop-culture sociology with a focus on Japan and the Internet as a facilitator of sub-cultures.
Seiya … profile coming soon!
KOF2000 … profile coming soon!

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