Boosting the Signal

As part of my exodus from Japan I shipped ~20 boxes of unopened 2007-2008 vintage bishoujo figures to my new home in Seattle. Now, at long last, it’s eBay time!


If you’re looking for some very good deals on figures that are no longer easy to come by, you could do worse than checking out the listings here.

All items are new and unopened, and the figures themselves are in mint condition; some of the individual boxes have minor wear from years in storage.


Lately I’ve been getting into miniatures painting (damn you, Reaper Bones), and I still have a crapload of unpainted resin figures from many past trips to Wonder Festival, so future HD figure posts will likely be dedicated to honing the painting and modding craft rather than pre-painted PVC reviews.


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  1. DocWatson May 10, 2015 at 12:23 am #

    After three years, a new post—banzai!

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