Macross Frontier’s Armored Clan by Megahouse


Title: Excellent Model Macross F Clan Clang Armored Ver.
Source: Macross Frontier
Designer: Ebata Risa (Macross F character designer)
Maker: Megahouse
Sculptor: Mohio
Release: October 2010
Price: 12,600 JPY
Scale: Non-scale (roughly 1/72)
Size: 22.5cm (H) 22cm (D) 17cm (W)


The Zentradi warrioress Clan Clang (Klan Klein) in her non-Miclonized form has been a favorite design since Macross Frontier began airing, but the odds of ever seeing a figure version of her seemed slim. Megahouse exceeded expectations as they so often do, bringing us the kit reviewed here today.

The figure’s build quality is what we’ve come to expect of Megahouse’s Excellent Model line, with all details covered to a very high standard. The decisions to give her a non-self-standing pose and provide the Quueadluun-Rhea power armor parts as optional attachments add a level of complexity to the assembly that’s a bit fiddly; once I had her set up I didn’t feel inclined to move her. When the engines are attached behind her their support rods rely on gravity to stay in place and come dislodged easily. Another slightly disappointing aspect is the hair casting, which feels more “blunted” than I prefer, but this is a stylistic choice that’s pretty consistent with her anime design. Otherwise the detailing on her outfit and the power suit attachments is outstanding.

The creativity put into sculptor Mohio’s vision for this project is undeniable, and results in a really pleasing pose that works well both with and without the addition of the power suit. Her facial expression is “focused” at best and a bit bland, but more than made up for by the dynamic lines of the sculpt that draw the eye out from the center. The contrast between the matte, gloss, and chrome finishes in the coloring is another nice touch, detracted from only slightly by the pale uniformity of the skin tone.

Overall this is a figure I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any Clan or Macross F fan with the footprint in their display for her; the extended gravity-defying pose takes up a pretty decent chunk of space. The novelty of a ‘mechamusume’ who is large enough to wear actual ship parts into battle is draw that I personally couldn’t resist, and Megahouse did a hell of a job with the execution.


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3 Responses to Macross Frontier’s Armored Clan by Megahouse

  1. Thomas November 30, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Nice review and pictures. Paint job on the engines, wings and leg armors looks gorgeous from here. Very dynamic curves/pose. I like it.

    • Shingo December 12, 2011 at 9:16 am #

      Me too. It didn’t sell really well because of the amount of space it takes up (according to a Japanese friend), but it’s a pretty unique configuration and they did a good job with it, I think. I still haven’t opened the box it’s in, I hope it is undamaged…

  2. Simon Peterson February 17, 2012 at 8:10 am #

    Those pictures look fantastic! I really wish there were an easier way to import things from Japan. Not like I can afford things like this anyway, but it would nice to have the option.

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