Futaket Bound

The seventh iteration of the girls-with-extra themed doujinshi sales event Futaket will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, and HD will be there as a circle participant. The information packet for artists came in the mail last night so now it’s official! I’m psyched to be in the trenches creating again as the necessary preparations are made.

As has been customary for a few years now Futaket has chosen to limit liability of exposure to minors by checking IDs at the entrance to the exhibit hall, and requiring attendees to wear wristbands (pictured above). This setup is impractical for large events such as Comiket, but at smaller exhibitions like this one it removes headaches for both circles and organizers by making sure those viewing the art on display can legally do so. Thanks to measures such as this, doujin-specific complaints have died down from the ABC fiasco of 2007 and we’re currently able to enjoy our dickgirl porn in relative peace.

On that note, I’ve been drawing a lot lately and slowly improving from the level of my last doujin effort. I’ll post again when the event nears with more details about what I’ll be bringing; I applied to sell a Warcraft-themed book, so it’s most likely going to be a laser-printed, staple-bound printer-shi of about 10 pages full of sketchy WoW smut. You have been warned. You can check Pixiv for a sample of what I’ve been working on lately, see here for very NSFW daily sketch updates, or see below for the source of an avatar I’ve been using lately:

I’ll be in space C-14a on May 3rd in the Hamamatsu-cho building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center (access), so if you’re in Tokyo over Golden Week and you’re into that sort of thing, stop by and say hi!

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  1. cyth April 21, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    Good luck, soldier. o7

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