Comiket 79

I went down to Tokyo on December 31st for the third day of Comic Market 79. It was my first Comiket in awhile, having been mired deep in the World of Warcraft for the past three ‘kets; I opted to take it easy and didn’t plan an ambitious schedule of morning stakeouts or freezing line-stands (though plenty of others in the Foreign Legion of us in attendance did), instead getting up at the sensible hour of 5am and taking the 7:30 train down to Tokyo.

I came with a short list of circles to hunt up and came away with the books from more than half, which felt like a win – including the Idiot’s Guide to the Tokyo Harmful Books Regulation, the most amusing, and important, doujin I’ve read in awhile. If Comiket is to continue as it has been, the issues the bill has raised will have to be addressed in some form; Dan Kanemitsu’s blog is a very good read to keep up with the fight for free speech in the 2D arena.

This Comiket didn’t seem to be affected by the bill’s passage at all, and there was plenty of good ero to be had. I did arrive at a few lines just as they sold out, which was vexing (missed one of Chiro‘s new books, and I was right at the front of the Butcha-U line when he sold out. He had Tengirl cosplay there later, alas for the prohibition on photography in the doujin halls). I came across a pair of enthusiastic Germans toward the end of the day who did allow me to take their picture, however. Thanks anonymous J-List t-shirt wearing dudes!

This was the first event I attended while using Twitter, which added a fun, real time element to the experience (while simultaneously revealing the limits of both my phone and the stressed mobile network in a sea of 200,000+ wired users). This is an example of a photo that managed to make it through the congestion:

I’ll likely be experimenting more with this as I get the hang of Twitter’s short form writing and get the tech for more fluid image posting on the go. Ye olde Docomo F-04A is not the handiest of tools in this regard.

With the venerable phone’s battery almost dead I left the event at about 2:30pm and headed for Central Tokyo. I found the hotel I’d be staying at that night, the My Stays Asakusabashi. One quick stop over from Akihabara on the JR Sobu line, after staying there I’d recommend it as an affordable and comfortable place to stay for an otaku outing in Tokyo.

I returned to Akiba after checking into the hotel, dodging the ota-crowds in Toranoana and hanging out in Yodobashi Camera for awhile. Afterwards I met up with @kransomwastaken, @NForza26, @bikasuishin, and @astrange_e, (missed the handle of our 6th member) for a bit of Akiba diving and a stop at Saizeriya, the astronaut’s Japanese Italian family restaurant of desire. Back to the hotel for some Kohaku and bed at midnight, and Comiket 79 day three was over.

Not the most momentous event in the history of my time in Japan, but a small step on the path to otaku rehabilitation for someone too far gone from his chosen people. I picked up a circle application for C80 and am brushing up my drawing chops – app deadline is in a month. Here’s hoping to be there on the circle side in the summer!

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  1. Kylaran January 15, 2011 at 2:14 am #

    Nice. I was planning to attend but I ended up spending a week in another prefecture. I’m surprised that you’re playing WoW from Japan time since I imagine that makes your guild selection limited if you want to raid (unless you’re available around noon, which is evening in the US).

    I noticed this at C78 but there are quite a few people who go to Akiba after fighting at Comiket–which is interesting because I figured people would be pretty tired after standing in line for so long and swimming through such a crowd of people. Guess it’s a common thing to do.

  2. Sydney2K January 15, 2011 at 7:29 am #

    There’s a good chance that I will be at 80 next August (second weekend, right?) Oh, and grown men should not wear cat ears. No, no exemptions, no excuses.

  3. Anonymous Scanner January 15, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    I approve of your doujin choices! :D Looking forward to getting that Tana one in particular myself. :)

  4. Shingo January 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm #


    I stopped raiding last August, but for a year and a half had been with a guild that raided mornings US pacific time (very late nights for me). In hindsight an Oceanic Aussie-based guild would’ve made more sense, but given guild obligations that I took on that was never really an option. The stresses of guild and raid leadership and bizarro sleep scheduling eventually took their toll and now I’ve dialed it back to only casual play (I don’t even have a character at 85 yet!). I think it’s been the right choice.

    People stop in Akiba after Comiket for a variety of reasons, a lot of the biggest circles already have their books in stores there so if you’ve come from out of town it’s the last leg on a day-long shopping trip. Some places are already reselling rare doujin from earlier in the day, too. It’s become a natural place to congregate after the day at the Big Sight (if not always convenient or at all comfortable).


    Be awesome if you can make it! Summer Comiket always takes more fortitude than winter, even in freezing temperatures like we had this time. Hundreds of thousands of sweaty otaku are not to be trifled with.

    Re: cat ears, if you can rock ’em, more power to you! Is my take, at least. Wouldn’t do them justice myself, but this guy looked like he was having a lot of fun.

    >>Anonymous Scanner

    It doesn’t disappoint – was happy he wasn’t sold out by the time I made it to his table. I’ve been following him on Twitter for awhile, he updates relatively frequently. It’s nice getting a rounder picture of artists like that, I find.

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