Alice Soft’s Daiteikoku site open

The site for the game that prompted Alice Soft to close their homepage to foreign access this past spring is now online. Originally scheduled for release early this year, Daiteikoku was postponed and rebuilt from the ground up when Alice producer TADA played through the beta and found it to be boring, tedious, and not meeting the goals they’d set for the project (Daiteikoku continues in the strategy tradition of earlier Alice Soft games Daiakuji and Daibanchou).

In my experience with Alice Soft they’re like Blizzard in their historical unwillingness to release games until they’re good and ready, so I’m hopeful that the time spent in revision will have been worth it. This may be the game that will tide those of us die-hard Rance fans over until Rance 8 (production of the Rance series is currently chronicled here) – at least those of us with a weakness for turn-based space combat and galactic conquest games.

The original Daiteikoku preview from when it was announced for this year at the end of ’09 is below; a new one has been produced as well that can be found on Nico Video.

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  1. Hemisphere November 2, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    Definitely looking forward to this one a lot.

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