Alice Vocal Collection

On November 26th Alice Soft will release a CD/DVD combo “Alice Vocal Collection” that features renditions of some of the most famous BGM tracks from their long history of erogames, rearranged and with vocals produced by musical artist Shade. To suit the wide variety of themes and styles, an equally colorful array of anisong and game vocalists have been brought on board.

The track listing:

01. Going on ver1.01
02. Running to the straight ver1.01
02. Guardian of engagement
04. Red tint
05. The blue moon
06. Sword of colors
07. The crossed destiny
08. Raged core-beat ver1.01
09. Interval of live and death
10. Mars
11. Lady go! go!
12. How look of the sky?
13. say your prayer – alive ver.-

A crossfading demo of several of the tracks is available on YouTube:

High-res cover art
Shade (songwriter) blog
Alice Soft Vocal Collection page

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