Okayama ero figures enter PVC arena

Note: this post and all of the links within should be treated as highly unsafe for work.

A memo in the notebook of catching up with the PVC figure world: as of this year, (in)famous resin kit producer Okayama Figure Engineering has been producing PVC versions of their incredibly explicit resin kits that have long been a fixture of Wonder Festival, attracting huge crowds of photographers around their perennial booth.

The lineup of their PVC figures can be found at Amiami, consisting of original figures along with a few from Mink’s Yakin Byoutou (Night Shift Nurses) eroge series. They’re pretty uniformly bad, selling on the sex factor more than anything – even where the bodies are alright, the faces leave a lot to be desired.

Their newest PVC offering is pictured above courtesy of Moeyo, an original character called Kyonyuuwa Hanna. Since these figures are so large, unsightly, and extravagantly expensive I likely won’t be covering them too much unless they come through with a particularly eye-catching one, but they’re out there now if you’ve had your eye on the Okayama lineup but couldn’t justify the expense and labor of the resin versions.

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  1. Insert_name October 19, 2010 at 2:58 am #

    I’d Okayama to go back to making non-ero kits of game characters like back in the 90s. Those at least looked good.

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