Starless gets “Winter ’10” release

In development for at least four years, the Sei Shoujo behemoth eroge project Starless was initially scheduled for release in 2008. The project has seen continual delays, however, and on October 1st the official site was updated yet again with the news that the planned “summer 2010” release had been missed (we didn’t collectively sleep through it) and the new target was for “this winter.”

At this point I’ll be happy if the game is completed, period – I’m not holding my breath to see it in a specific timeframe. If it does come out this winter, though, I can make the excuse that my own absence from the scene for the past two years was a result of my monastic training at the feet of the master, coloring the over 2,000 CG images used in what is promising to be one of the most opulent, decadent eroge releases ever.

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  1. Gasaraki October 12, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Gonna suck to have to wait 5 years+ for an English version, if ever =(

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