Elf’s “Human Debris”

The newest eroge in the lineup from maker Elf is Ningen Deburi (Human Debris), with the subtitle “Konna Jibun Ni Dare Ga Shita?” – roughly “who made me into this?”, and is scheduled for release on October 29th.

The introductory Flash on the front page of Elf’s website indicates that we’re in for another in their sumptuously illustrated series of netori (adultery)-themed games, in the mode of the well-received Biniku no Kaori and Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~.

While this genre typically isn’t my thing, Elf’s mode of storytelling has proven able to keep the plot engaging and the main characters believable – just sympathetic enough to retain interest in their questionably moral exploits. Definitely on the short list of games to watch for this fall.

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