Comiket 72 Goods Roundup, Part I

Event Goods

  • The paper version of the Comiket 72 catalog went on sale last Saturday, with the CD-ROM version scheduled for release on July 28th. Cover images from both catalogs are available at the event’s official site.

Comic Market 72 paper catalog cover image Comic Market 72 CD-ROM catalog cover image

Dakimakura – hug pillows

  • The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute is compiling a comprehensive list of all the hug pillows to be available at Comic Market 72, including both industry and circle representation. The list is currently at 18 entries and is likely to grow as the event approaches. I’m liking the look of’s [ERO] Rider-sensei, and the news that [ERO] Issuisha is putting out a Fujino pillow from Hatsuinu is quite welcome as well. :3


  • Circle Chocolate Shop‘s C72 release is dubbed Gothic Lolita Mariage, and consists of a 50-page volume of [ERO] doujin paired with a T’s System sculpted 15 cm tall “Dorothea” figure. The price is not listed, but those interested can find the item on Friday, August 17th, East hall katakana “shi”, space 29a. As with Chocolate Shop’s past releases this is likely to be available at shops such as Toranoana following the event.
  • [ERO] Circle Keumaya has returned from a trip to China to supervise the production of his latest PVC kit, set for sale at Comiket. Details such as circle space and price are unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this. In recent years Keumaya has been known for his experimentation (and challenges faced) with “soft parts” long before the major makers started risking them in mainstream kits; his gimmick this time around appears to be die-cast metal parts integrated into the kit assembly.

Nuigurumi – plush toys

  • Melon Books is cooperating with artist Eretto of circle Utsura Uraraka to present Osuwari Melon-chan, a Chururized version of the official Melon Books mascot character, in nuigurumi form. She runs a bit pricey at 4,800 yen, but is 100% made in Japan. She will be available at the Melon Books industry booth on all three days of C72.


Misc. Industry Goods

  • [ERO] Eroge news site Game Style is commemorating its fifth anniversary with the release of a compilation of original illustrations from dozens of the most highly regarded eroge designers in the industry, set to go on sale at the Game Style C72 industry booth as well as via mail order online. This is an item I’m definitely looking forward to. :3
  • What originated as an April Fool’s joke this year has become reality! Maritan sausages will go on sale at C72, the dubious food item sure to make your patriotism (or your lunch) rise in your chest. The few. The proud. The incontinent, was it?

limited edition Queen's Blade Tomoe folding fan available at Comic Market 72
For use in fanning the dust away from your castoffable Tomoe figure, perhaps?

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0 Responses to Comiket 72 Goods Roundup, Part I

  1. icie July 25, 2007 at 9:52 pm #

    Well, I am definitely keeping an eye on the Keumaya one, and from the previous Chocolate Shop PVC releases, it looks like “Mariage” will be pretty low quality, but I’m still getting it. It’s his last doujin release after all. Probably get the exclusive toranoana and melonbooks versions too.

  2. 3pyon July 27, 2007 at 12:52 am #

    I can’t wait, reading the “How to Comiket” guide again right now as well. I’ll be on irc in the days to come, hope to see you in person.


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