Figure News: Wonder Festival industry update II

Wafuudou Ganguten's limited edition alternate color Iris PVCs from Princess Waltz for sale at Comiket and Wonder Festival

  • Nitro+ has a Wanfesu 2007 Summer page online, introducing some of the goods they’ll have available for advance purchase at the event. They include a company mascot Joy Max hand puppet of Goodsmile manufacture, and two small exchangeable part “Snappies” series figures, one of Al Ajif from Demonbane and one of Konoe from Lamento. These two figures are the same that will be available as part of Nitro+’s Comiket 72 goods set.
  • Volks has their summer Wanfesu page up as well, featuring the newest figure in their [ERO] 1/4 scale “absolute zone” resin kit lineup, Uesugi Kenshin from Sengoku Rance. There’s something about her face sculpt that bothers me, but if precedent holds they should have no trouble selling out even at the stiff 44,100 yen price. Also out from Volks are a pair each of Rozen Maiden poseable PVC figures and resin kits, as well as a new plug suit Asuka & Rei resin kit combo from Evangelion.
  • Hobby Channel brings news that Azone, makers of the only dolls I can stand looking at even briefly, are putting out an epilogue (ponytail) version Haruhi at Wonder Festival, but it (along with all the required accessories) won’t come cheap. Think I’ll be sticking to PVCs at Wanfesu this year (and garage kits, which we’ll start covering in earnest next weekend).

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