Sendai Toranoana Opening

2 floors above a new Namco game center in Sendai’s busy Clis Road shoutengai, with the first floor (3rd) containing conventional CDs, DVDs, softs, goods & manga and the 2nd (4th) containing more “colorful” goods. A random encounter on the floor of “questionable” goods with an ex-student added an air of danger (thank God it was in the doujin music section), but purchases of some manga yielded a commemorative mug.

Toranoana’s only real value in Sendai seems to be it’s competition with Melon Books for the “stuff you don’t want your parents or kid sister to see” type of doujin, but it’s nice to have variety. Soon to open in the same building (that I intend to christen “Little Akiba”) is a Gee’s Store (for all your otaku wear & cosplay needs) and a Super Potato (so you can own Comic Party & Kanon on EVERY console). Below is the mug of awesome…


HD’s original reportage on the Sendai Toranoana can be found here.


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