Event Notes: Sunshine Creation 35

Sunday’s Sunshine Creation 35 went off pretty well, all things considered. Early weather forecasts predicted a rainy Sunday, but the Gods of doujinshi smiled upon us, warding off rain until 9 p.m. (They did not see fit to do anything about the gale-force winds, however). As far as the event itself, attendance seemed slightly down from Sunshine Creation 34, though this may have been due to the conspicuous absence of many circles that typically attend. Experts on the subject (read: my doujinka friends) were quick to point out that many of those missing in action are participating in next week’s Comic1 (a new event run by the staff of the now defunct Comic Revolution). Though it has yet to earn its stripes, this fledgling event cast a shadow over Sunday’s event. Whether by providence or sweet coincidence, the absence of many regulars was slightly offset by the coming of more than a few great authors who ordinarily do not make it a habit to attend.

And there you have it. Both Animaestro and HD’s Shipon will be at the maiden launch of Comic1 next week, so here’s hoping we can squeeze a bit more reportage out of the two of them following that historical event.

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