Let’s Get Those CDs Rolling

Having been a reader of HD for what’s pushing slightly more than one year, there’s always been one thing that nagged me (holding no negative connotations whatsoever, I should note) about the site. There are figure reviews and news; eroge coverage; news about upcoming assemblages; and the like, but something just felt…deficient. The otaku puzzle was almost complete, but a few rogue pieces were unaccounted for. And then, as I returned from Comiket71 with double digit doujin music CDs in tow, the brick implanted itself firmly in my face: MUSIC. Anime music, videogame music, doujin music, soundtracks, etc. THOSE, to my mind, were the missing pieces of the puzzle. So I got to thinking, “With my extensive collection, why not propose the notion of me penning such a column to Shingo?” He heartily accepted, and thus the column was engendered, at least in spirit…nearly four months ago.
Since that time I’ve been sitting on my patoosh amassing more CDs and telling myself that I should really slap myself on the wrist and get to writing those reviews. With some coaxing from Shingo and with haru yasumi in progress, there’s no better time to start than now. Here’s what you can tentatively expect from the column, listed in what I surmise to be topical posting frequency:
-Reviews of CDs in my personal collection.
-News of upcoming music events.
-Doujin music coverage/news.
-Concert reviews, should I go to any.
Regarding the CD reviews, I’ll make special mention of a few things. Number one: time plays no factor. Some CD reviews will be of current music, others of relative currency, and then some that’ll make people go, “Why on Earth is he reviewing THAT? I can’t even remember those anteotakunal (ah, the joys of English and its facility of neologisms) days…” Secondly, I like every CD that I buy, so reviews won’t be in the normal sense of a review. I almost always do rather extensive research on the subjects that I do considering purchasing, with their merits ultimately reflecting whether it comes into my possession; however, I should note that “like” is not some immutable, invariable concept. Within the realm of “like”, there are varying degrees of “liking” and thus, should I ever write a legitimate review, the “liking” will be represented in terms of how frequently I listen to the CD. Or in how effusively and giddily my text noncoherently gushes across the page.
And with that, off we go! Welcome to my column.
KOF 2000 is an avid soundtrack collector of gallimaufrish sorts who can tell what King of Fighters game someone is playing without ever actually seeing play in progress.  His collection of over 200 CD’s often causes him to sit and ponder to WHAT he should listen instead of actually listening to anything.

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  1. Duouk2000 March 29, 2007 at 1:58 am #

    oooooh this sounds like a great idea, especialy in regards to doujin music. I’m looking forward to future updates.

  2. KOF 2000 March 31, 2007 at 5:17 pm #

    And with M3 imminent (more coverage on that in a future post!), I foresee many new doujin music CD’s coming into my possession. Sigh, and I haven’t even started reviewing my stack from Comiket…

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