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  • Two eroge entitled “Edelweiss” are coming out within a week of each other: a December 15th offering from maker Overdrive, and one on December 22nd from the practitioners at Inspire. Coincidentally, they have also both put demo movies online in the past few days (the former, the latter). This is just silly…
    Alright Japan, meet me at camera three. *swivels*
    Why edelweiss in particular? With the impressive array of flora Austria has to offer, why be constrained to a given flower? I understand your admiration for Julie Andrews, but simply because it was eulogized in The Sound of Music there’s no reason to go overboard here. Sure, “small and white, clean and bright” may get you all hot and bothered, but can’t we repress our lolicon tendencies just once and go for a more robust, fully-figured metaphor? The saxifraga blepharophylla doesn’t get enough love these days, and that’s a mountain bloom you can really sink your Spade of Deflowerment +1 into, if you take my meaning. And I think you do.

Moving on.

  • Lilith has updated with announcements of two new titles to be released under their Black Lilith label in late December and January ’07 respectively, the former designed by Nobushito of Saimin Kanojo and Ayame fame, and the latter by veteran hand Zundarepon. More details on these as they appear. Lilith also updates today with several new sample CG images from their November 24th release of Datose! Hitozuma Megami-sama, due out on their vanilla Lilith label.
  • The opening movie for FlyingShine’s November 24th release of Jokyoushi ~ Rinkan no Kyoushitsu is now available for download from the game’s official site. This game is going for pure adult hormones gone wild as opposed to anything remotely resembling “moe”, and the way the video is composed shows it – someone has to put the erotic back into eroge, and it might as well be FlyingShine. This is one I would seriously consider if the designs weren’t quite so severe, and the women were more willing; next week is going to be full of plenty of other delicious options as it is. :3
  • Illusion’s Sexy Beach 3 is getting a character expansion, due out on December 15th. I could go into the details of what it adds to the original, but the demo movie does a much better job of it in far fewer words; I for one welcome our new elaborately polygon-chested overlords ladies.
  • Maker H+ has put up a splash page with a collage of sample CG images from its latest title, Kaihatsu (Nama). No further information is available at this point, but we’ll be watching for subsequent developments.
  • Rounding out the day’s ero news, here’s one for the rumor mill: while rummaging through the Skunkworks official site this morning I noticed something that made me do a double take. Sei Shoujo, the nigh legendary artist behind Bible Black, Discipline, and Cleavage, is apparently lined up to do design and scenario duty for the fledgeling brand’s next game, a “Slapstick SF Gakuen Adventure” tentatively entitled Starless.
    …and it seems that in the course of my composing this update we have new word from Skunkworks that their current title, Narimono, has finally recieved a set release date of February 2nd, 2007. Roughly half a year from it’s initial scheduled release… this certainly doesn’t lend credence to their ability to attract a heavyweight like Sei Shoujo on board for a subsequent project. It seems they’re launching a mini-brand for simple-2000 style release in the interim, however, which may keep them afloat through release. We’ll be keeping an eye on their fortunes in the possibly vain hope that the god of Bible Black and Discipline will grace us with his presence once again.

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  1. loplop November 17, 2006 at 3:56 am #

    A new work by Sei Shoujo, very interesting. I won’t hold my breath, but I would most certainly welcome it . . . .

  2. blacklotus November 17, 2007 at 11:45 am #

    Here’s hoping some of these titles (Jokyoushi ~ Rinkan no Kyoushitsu and Starless in particular) will be released in their uncensored glory in the future. :)

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