Mainichi Junk: Beyond the Moedrome

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  • Word from the newly-updated Daiki Kougyou page has it that their 1/4 scale [ERO] Koyori PVC from Sengoku Blade will be arriving in stores on November 18th. I didn’t preorder this, but having walked past the display model in Toranoana several times over the past few months I’m beginning to think I may try for a copy… ;__;
  • Chara-Ani has a page up detailing the special items they’ll be bringing to BFCT on December 3rd. Not much new there, but still worth a look for those with an outside chance of attending.
  • Kotobukiya has updated their staff blog with a few more eroero shots of their upcoming To Heart 2 Konomi swimsuit ver. PVC.
  • Hobbystock has a page online for June Planning’s February ’07 release of a Milene Hoffman PVC, the heroine of this fall’s newly launched 009-1 anime series. A detachable skirt is always a good thing. :3
  • Akihabara’s Chara City put a sample of this Tsukino PVC figure from Yakitate Japan up a few days ago, and while the design copyright goes to Aniplex the figure itself is being produced by Alter and distributed by Happinet, not produced by them as previously reported. This is all very confusing… at any rate, the sample looks like Alter handiwork to me. Expect to see her on store shelves in the spring of 2007.
  • Amiami has posted a gallery of the upcoming December release of Rana’s Yoshizaki Mine Hot Gimmick Ultimate Collection trading figures, and they’re looking pretty sweet. Yoshizaki fans should definitely check it out.
  • It’s HD’s rule that the hype can never start too soon, and Famitsu obliges today with a report online containing the Wonder Festival Winter 2007 logo and our first glimpse of Wonda and Reset (the perennial event mascots) in their winter gear. The event will take place on February 25th, 2007, in the same hall layout as 2006 summer; HD will certainly be there, though in what incarnation I’m not yet sure.
  • G.K.ism is a garage kit convention that happened last Sunday, the 12th of November. I didn’t find out about it until after the fact (*weep*) but GA Graphic has a fine report up with dozens of pictures in its gallery, and Moeyo has so much ongoing coverage that I’m not going to try to link all of the individual articles. Needless to say, some seriously awesome new kits were in evidence…
  • We end today’s hobby news with a hint of nostalgia: Kimagure Orange Road is seeing a 20th anniversary memorial DVD release, and Madoka and Hikaru figures will be included with the first lot pressings of the TV series (out on January 12th) and OVAs (out on February 7th) respectively.

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  1. Core November 14, 2006 at 6:38 am #

    KOR is 20? wow.
    The maid kit is really nice. Too bad, I have no money and skills to make it good. =/

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