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G.J? updated its Queen Bonjourno site Friday evening, and by “updated” they apparently mean “gave it a total makeover”. New site content includes just about everything, but most notably some fantastic updates in the CG section, discourse on the various gimimicks (animation, ero modes, etc.) built into the game, a special section with banners and more CG, and news that the cover image image is being released as a wallscroll, now available for order from the G.J? online shop. There’s not much I can say to all of this beyond GLORY BE, and December 15th can’t come soon enough.

tentacle haters
need not apply

Ail hops on the renewal wagon today as well with a remake (in flash, sadly) of their official Ma wo Jutai Seshi Otome no Kuetsu site. It’s also due out on December 15th, and not only are a whopping 10 new CG images up in the gallery, a second demo movie is available for download as well. I wasn’t planning to pick this up, but all of the new material has got me thinking…

imouto not

A demo movie is now available for Sunlight’s Torikaekko Shiyo!, a fetching story of two couples and their date-swapping ways. I like the designs and the general premise, and if it wasn’t due out on November 22nd – right in the middle of a very high quality release season – I’d seriously consider picking this one up.
I went in to Akihabara yesterday in pursuit of NHK vol. 6 and Win-chan ver. 2, both of which were acquired without incident (and without being trampled to death by mobs of rampaging PS3 seekers). I also happened upon the following flyer for Le Chocolat’s upcoming Moe Ero Onii-chan:

Moe Ero Onii-chan Flyer p. 1 Moe Ero Onii-chan Flyer p. 2-3 Moe Ero Onii-chan Flyer p. 4

Due out on November 24th, Moe Ero Onii-chan is the tale of a lovable otaku demon with phenominal cosmic powers, a sock-puppet wielding maid, a suicidal futanari YUKI.N clone, a military otaku fairy, and a fat nun / exorcist. It’s also one of the games I’m most anticipating this release season, and will probably wind up as the year’s eroge comedy masterpiece. I’ve been concerned for awhile that it would see a release delay as the official site hasn’t been updated for some time, but spotting this flyer yesterday did much to assuage fears in that regard. Expect a review in about two weeks.

three heads
are better
than one

The official Sengoku Rance site has updated its special section with a basic description of game turn flow, required reading for those wishing to prepare themselves for the game’s December 15th release. It just wouldn’t be Rance without some bizarre three-headed guy giving you the tutorial… for those who haven’t checked up on the official site in a while it’s worth noting that the sample CG section and the characters / world map section are also both more or less fully appointed now (not to mention an awesome demo movie); in other news December 15th is going to slay my wallet. With great prejudice.

two is company,
six a harem

Tactics’ Harem Party is counting down to a November 17th release, and HD is counting with it (very quietly, but still). The official site has been updated with a trial edition of the game in Flash, in which the protagonist is turned into a cat for a day and runs around the house being tsundere’d by the various female cast members; there’s also a final guest wallpaper up for download in various resolutions. While I’m not too big on a couple of the voice casting decisions, the combined effect is quite tempting…
Stay tuned for more ero (and other) news from HD in the coming [time period]!

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