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On the heels of Madhouse’s announcement of a Maple Story anime comes news that online game Master of Epic is to recieve the animated treatment as well, with broadcast beginning in January of 2007. Animation is from Gonzo, voice talent is from Clover (among others), and designs are from Sugitou Sayuri, who has done sub-design work on Oh! Super Milk-chan, GALS!, Sugar Sugar Rune, and Naruto, as well as supervision work on several odd shows. Trying hard not to pass too much early judgement on this…


Speaking of not passing early judgement, I made a mistake in yesterday’s coverage of upcoming anime Sisters of Wellber. It seems I was taken in by a pun in Moon Phase‘s description of the show, reading “B地区” as an indication of the animation quality instead of a pun on “chikubi” (nipple). Moon Phase goes on to say that as there is a (rather impressionistic, I have to say) representation of that particular anatomical element in the show it’s not likely to be broadcast outside of satellite network AT-X. Thanks to 竜吠大砲拳さん for the clarification.
In related news, Dengeki Online has posted a set of stills (including the offending protuberance) and character designs from the show, and I have to say it seems much more intriguing with the additional evidence presented. I’m looking forward to more.

Bad. Ass.

The Tokyo Majin Gakuen anime has recieved an official launch date of January 19th on satellite network Animax. It seems to be based on this game (Japanese Wikipedia entry), which has also spawned a series of drama CDs, novels, and manga. From a quick reading of the description it sounds like your basic story of high school students endowed with special powers to fight demons assailing Tokyo, but the character designs and general mood of the site have me interested. Pretty sure I’ll be watching come January.
Ufotable has redesigned its Gakuen Utopia Manabi STRAIGHT! site, and details on its subsequent anime launch can’t be far behind. While a pair of character mini-albums and a volume of the manga have already been released, I’m guessing the anime is going to be what really sells this title for a lot of people (myself included).
Thanks to this post on the Moon Phase blog, rumors have begun circulating to the effect that a second season of Haruhi will begin airing in the fall of 2007. While certainly a plausible timeframe, I would advise against irrational exhuberance until word comes down from Kyoani itself…
hot hot tsundere action

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  1. Posner November 12, 2006 at 6:27 pm #

    What does the Moon Phase post actually say?

  2. Shingo November 12, 2006 at 6:37 pm #

    Quoting Moon Phase:
    In translation:
    “The heroine is against her forced marriage, and on the verge of being raped on her wedding night she kills her husband and escapes. A lovely story, but from the nipples shown in the promo cut it’s likely that only AT-X will broadcast it.”

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