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Leading today’s figure headlines is the news that a PVC version of Orchid Seed’s [ERO] Ishiyama Satoshi-sculpted Chichinoe + resin kit is now available for preorder from the maker’s official site and should be listed soon at other online shops. Release is slated for March 2007. For the curious, “Chichinoe +” is the title of an artbook by Inoue Takuya, an unquestioned master of all things full-figured (sans any official web presence, alas). The full figure in question is a representation of the character gracing the artbook’s cover.

by all rights
this should
be a PVC.

Volume 22 of Figure Maniax is now on sale, and I took the opportunity to thumb through it yesterday in search of further information on the Bubby Haruhi kit displayed so prominently on the cover. It appears that if you want a legitimate version of the kit the options are limited: either pick up a copy of Maniax 22 or of the January edition of Dengeki Hobby (on sale November 25th), and use the order form inside to order the kit (for 14,000 yen). The description of the figure in this issue of Maniax explicitly states that it will not recieve the PVC treatment, so it seems those desirous will either have to hone their painting skills or pay top dollar for a pro job. Why must she raise her thumb in such an encouraging fashion, she’s only making it worse… ;__;
…Moving on.



Those in Japan on December 3rd, mark your calendars! The second annual Bishoujo Figure Convention Tokyo will be taking place that Sunday, and Moeyo scoops the lineup of limited edition event-only figures to be available there. A pink version of Atelier-Sai’s bunny girl Mikuru will be in evidence, but what I’m looking forward to most is Yujin’s Kazama Asuka PVC from Tekken 5. It’s a deluxe 20-cm kit, not an SRDX, and if the finished product is anything like the preview shots I’d say it’s a sure-fire winner. I’m hoping to actually make it to the event this time around, so expect a report in about three weeks.

ganbaru kara~

I usually don’t bother to scoop UFO catcher prize figures, but this new pair of Getsumen Toheiki Miina kits from Sega / Banpresto is too delicious to pass up. Miina is, of course, the mascot from Densha Otoko, and come January 2007 is slated to star in her own anime series on Fuji TV. I for one welcome our new carrot-powered overlords, and think this is finally a show where Okama’s designs will have the chance to shine in their brilliant nonsensical way – obtaining the figures in question is another matter entirely, as they may never escape the icy clutches of Mr. Claw.

Upcoming Figure Release News

  • Word from Yamato today that they’re putting out an alternate color version of their Yamazaki-sculpted Doubutsu Nee-chan Chloe PVC kit. Dubbed “Shueru”, this leopard-print version will be out in February, on the heels of Chloe’s January 2007 release – is it just me, or is this color scheme infinitely preferable to the original?
  • Also coming from Yamato in February is this Kishimoto Kei (Gantz suit version) PVC from, well, Gantz. A swimsuit version will be out in January as well, though it’s hard to say which leaves more (or less) to the imagination.

I managed to pick up a copy of Alter’s Ignis at the local hobby shop yesterday, completing the triad of Ignii thus far released (Orchid Seed, I haven’t forgotten you…). For all I know they’ll keep making new Ignis kits for the next decade (a man can dream), but this is as good a time as any to stage an omnibus review of what’s currently available. Coming soon to a democracy near you: Ignis^3.


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  1. super rats November 11, 2006 at 4:20 pm #

    No PVC release for Bubba’s bunny Haruhi? That makes me sad. I guess they don’t like money enough to get rich selling a PVC of that figure. I wish I could paint.

  2. Jankars November 12, 2006 at 12:41 am #

    What could be the reason? Did the article mention anything??

  3. Shipon November 12, 2006 at 3:24 pm #

    What is it with Japanese conventions being on important dates like the JLPT?!@?!

  4. Shingo November 12, 2006 at 6:50 pm #

    >>super rats
    Ditto on all counts. I think I’m going to pass on the order opportunity because my painting skills just couldn’t do it justice. :(
    No reason provided, and it really does defy logic. I’ll ask around with some figure makers I know when I get the chance; there may be something obvious we’re overlooking.
    I am so sorry. :( Although I don’t know if the BFCT is worth a trip from Sendai to Tokyo; I don’t think that many new items will be showcased there relative to Wonder Festival, though the shopping may be better. We’ll see, hopefully.

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