Mainichi Junk: Frosty Edition

The weather here in the Kanto region of Japan took its yearly turn for the fucking cold this week, and for those of us originally hailing from more nordic climes this brings about a new sense of purpose and steely resolve to gird our loins and push on through the winter. This doesn’t change the fact that it is fucking cold, however, and when I turn on the heater in my room all of the other electric appliances in the house get cut off. Perhaps hibernation is the superior option after all…
Being the first proper 4 AM alarm call in a few months my Mainichi updating skills are a bit rusty. Let’s see what comes out before my fingers turn to icicles:
Media Side

  • The official site for Les Miserables ~ Shoujo Cosette has been updated. It’s scheduled to air in January 2007 as the 23rd installment of Nippon Animation’s “World’s Famous Tales” series that began in 1975 with A Dog of Flanders. For better or for worse, it looks like we’ll be getting a slightly Japanified but otherwise pretty straight take on Victor Hugo’s novel by the same name; not to be confused with Le Portrait De Petit Cosette.
  • The official TBS site for the grown-up Digi Charat short Winter Garden is now online. It’s slated to air in two parts, broadcast on December 22nd and 23rd respectively – you guessed it, a Christmas Story (TM). No bb guns or erotic lampstands in sight, unfortunately. Those of us who fell in love with Dejiko and Puchiko in the original anime series aren’t going to find much to celebrate about with this new incarnation, though I can see the parody doujinshi now…

Dejiko and her newfound lover Takuro embrace on Christmas Eve, framed by softly falling snow. Puchiko stands to the side.
Puchiko: I’d be careful with that thing, Takuro-kun. It’ll put your eye out.
Takuro ignores Puchiko and moves in for the coup de grace.
Takuro: Dejiko… I like you…
Dejiko: Oh, Takuro… hold me…
Takuro leans down… his face approaches hers… Lips mere centimeters away…
Takuro’s head is engulfed in a flash of light. He blinks twice before everything above his shoulders is incinerated in the 6,000-degree heat. Dejiko gnaws on the smoking stump of his neck contentedly.
Puchiko, shaking her head: They never listen.

  • A three-part To Heart 2 OVA will be released in 2007, and from the splash image currently gracing the front of the official site I think I’m going to like it. It includes all of the heroines from the original as well as its xrated incarnation, which means the only girl with the potential to outclass Tama-nee in my personal 2heart2furious (now that Tokyo Drift is out is that even funny anymore? Was it ever funny?) SAIMOE ranking will be present in spades. Sasara-chan~~
    The premiere screening of the first episode will take place on January 7th someplace in Tokyo along with an inaugural Talk Event (details here). That’s the day after my birthday, hmm…
  • REC – Doki Doki Seiyuu Paradise – is a PS2 AVG coming from Idea Factory on November 30th. It seems those of us longing for more of the anime will have to settle for this, for the time being at least.
  • Also due out on November 30th is Matsubara Hidenori Art Works, a compilation of his character design work from the Sakura Taisen games and Ah! My Goddess anime among others (a total of 172 illustrations from the past 10+ years). GA Graphic has a few samples up, for those interested – looks like a fine volume indeed.

Ero Side

  • Dream Party is the eroge equivalent of the Tokyo Game Show, and happened most recently on October 22nd. I’ve never been, but it seems passably interesting… The Kyonyuu-ko 5 doujin convention (there’s got to be a “bust” pun in there somewhere) was also October 22nd, and I didn’t go to it either… best laid plans, etc. (orz) The next big doujin convention (and final pit stop before Comiket 71) is Comitia on November 12th (this upcoming Sunday), and I’m thinking of going, although there’s only one circle I’m interested in that I know for sure will be there. Fumufumu…

Hobby Side

  • Lest you think that Cospa is selling a reasonably-priced outfit, it should be noted that the list price of 9,450 yen here is for YUKI.N’s cardigan only.
  • Kaiyodo / Organic’s second release of an Eyewater (Enoki Tomohide) OS Idol Win-chan PVC is now on sale. I hope it doesn’t sell out before next payday… in other Win-chan figure news, according to Hobby Stock Organic has picked up Tohn’s (Ame no Hare no Hi) resin for a PVC release as well, this one sans a firm release date yet. Spring ’07 is a solid bet, though. At this rate they might as well put out the Night Blue one too…
  • A bit late on this scoop, but the specs on the next round of Queen’s Blade releases are now official: the fifth duo to be released, on December 23rd, will be Airi the ghost-maid (?) and a not unwelcome surprise, a M-RS (incise soul) 3D render of Reina. As usual, Akiba Blog has a little something extra.

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  1. lostdog November 8, 2006 at 1:54 pm #

    World Masterpiece Theatre delivers again! This is the most optimistic I’ve been about a new anime in years.

  2. wildarmsheero November 8, 2006 at 3:52 pm #

    Looks like I’ll have to get that Hidenori artbook. I’ve fallen in love with his designs after watching the Aa! Megami-Sama TV series, and it’d be absolutely wonderful if I could get a nice thick volume with 10 years worth of his work.
    That, and I just I like artbooks. They’re so nice to look at. I’ve found my self breaking a few by scanning certain pages, though :S


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    […] And it appears that there are other expressions of Win-chan that will be made into figures. There’s the colourful bikini one sculpted by Fuyune (冬音) (produced by Organic) and also the ’soul baring’ one sculpted by Aoi from Night-Blue (no news of mass production yet). [scooped from Heisei Democracy] […]

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