Editor’s Desk: Back to Work

I took the past week as an impromptu vacation from my vacation, having spent the month previous slaving away over the site and at various back-breaking (though incredibly enjoyable) events. I needed some time to cast off the millstone that the site has become before plunging back into the thick of things, and into the thick of things we shall indeed be plunging once again; I’m back to work at my regular day job, and that means a rigorous schedule with structured daily updates – twice a day if possible. Shipon and Seiya have been kicking ass with their columns, but I can’t expect them to pull all the weight around here, it’s getting a bit embarassing…
Topping the current HD agenda are several “meta” site items, including fleshing out some of the broken sections of the site, implementing suggestions and improvements garnered from this thread, and canvassing for additional site contributors (WE want YOU). There’s also the regular daily news to keep up with and a monumental backlog of reviews that just keeps growing… We’ve got our work cut out for us around here, but we like it that way.
Stay tuned!
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Shingo lives in Japan, where he has foolishly registered to sell his first doujinshi at an upcoming convention on October 1st. To make this doujinshi he must first learn how to draw. He has a backlog of roughly a dozen resin kits to paint, at least that many eroge to play, and has just purchased the supplies necessary to build his own garage kit from scratch. He also maintains this site, and a suspicion has been growing on him of late that he may have too many hobbies.

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