Pure Love Renaissance Review : C70 Kanon Premiere Pack

The Pack

The Ladies of

Minase Nayuki

The Minase Home

Tsukumiya Ayu

The pack contains a T-shirt, rough sketch book & Audio CD. The book contains 64 pages of character sketches, design work for locations, etc and reveals the change (arguably for the better) in the character’s animation design over the Toei version. The audio CD is entitled the “TV Animation 『Kanon』 Special Navigation CD ver1.0” and contains four tracks.

The first track features the 5 seiyuu playing the girls in a short comedy arguing over what they should have for lunch (taiyaki or gyuudon), what’s up with Yuuichi (Yuuichi?! Doushitano?!) before finding out that there will be another Kanon animation. They then duly implore you to watch it on TBS BS-1 every week on Thursdays from October.

The other tracks are an extended interview with the seiyuu in which they discuss their feelings about revisiting Kanon, we find out that Horie Yui actually does like Taiyaki in real life and that they are looking forward to opportunity to portray the characters in an extended series (24 episodes as opposed to the shorter 13-episode series of the original).

At a price of ¥5000 not incredibly expensive considering the value of an artbook, shirt & limited release audio CD and there are some over on Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Shipon spends his time in Tohoku figuring out how to lure Horie Yui to his apartment with Taiyaki.

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