Mainichi Junk: Busou Shinki, Comiket Special, Figure Fiesta

Mechamusume Side
Back on June 1st while reporting the impending sale of Kogado’s Gadget Trial I made the following remark:

    “You know what I want to see? A polygon-based arena fighting game where you start by customizing your mechamusume a la Galactic Civilizations II spaceship editor, fight against an opposing mech, repair, upgrade, and repeat. That would be awesome.”

Well, it seems that Konami was listening (images courtesy of 4gamer).

Busou Shinki is a multimedia fusion of customizable action figure and online service (try saying that three times fast), set for launch on September 7th with the first two figure units: Busou Shinki Tenshigata MMS Arnval and Busou Shinki Akumagata MMS Strafe.
Here’s how it works: you first purchase your figure of choice (3,675 yen each for the two out in September). Then, presumably using some sort of code included with the figure, you gain free access to Konami’s “diorama” online service that enables you to freely pose a 3D render of the figure you purchased and customize it with additional parts (which you may have to pay for; this seems like the rawest part of the deal).
Far more interesting than the ability to play virtual dollhouse online with your newly-acquired figures (which are also easily customizable in real life, it appears) is the promised rollout, in 2007, of an online game described in Dengeki’s coverage that will allow you to take your customized mech and face off against opponents around the country (and around the world, presumably). Details on this later part of the project are sparse as yet, but on the face of it I’d say someone at Konami has been reading HD (or they’ve had this project in the wings since at least February). The only potential downfall I see at this point is the possibility that the power of your unit will be linked to the amount of real world cash you dish out to upgrade it, which would be incredibly lame; virtual arms races can only end in tears. Perhaps you only have to pay for cosmetic upgrades… Regardless, this hast the potential to be the coolest new thing out of the animeverse in a long time.
Further coverage here, here, here, and here.
countdown to Comiket 70
Comiket history: 1978

April 2nd: Comic Market 8

  • Circles: 144
  • Attendees: approx. 2000
  • Trivia: From this event forward “costume play” began to occur on a large scale at Comiket. Also, the trading in anime cels became a problem, so following Comiket 8 the practice was forbidden.

May 4th: Comiket Special

  • Entrance Fee: 300 yen
  • Participants: 250
  • Trivia: This event was held to help the Comiket organizers get out of debt from previous conventions. No doujinshi were sold there, but they screened a bunch of movies and held panel discussions.

July 28th-29th: Comiket Market 9

  • Circles: 200
  • Attendees: approx. 3000
  • Staff: 10 (five inside the venue, five outside)

November 15th: Comic Market in Hitotsubashi-sai

  • Trivia: This event was held in cooperation with the manga “research group” (club) of Hitotsubashi University, on occasion of the campus-wide school festival. Participating circle numbers and atendees are unknown. Despite sharing a surname, Hitotsubashi Yurie did not make an appearance.

Yurie-sama BANZAI~!

December 17th: Comic Market 10

  • Circles: 200
  • Attendees: approx. 3000
  • Trivia: This event marked the first significant presence of attendees from the broader Kanto area (the prefectures surrounding Tokyo), lending it a festival atmosphere.

Comiket Corner
Back to the future now with some news items from the upcoming Comiket 70:

Ekidona is hot.

Hobby Side
We raid Midareuchi today for a bunch of delicious figure scoops, starting with the October – November ’06 lineup from Toys Planning, Goodsmile, and Max Factory:

  • Megahouse has updated with an official gallery for their upcoming Hazuki action figure from Tsukuyomi – Moon Phase -, due out in late August.
  • Latest in Yujin’s SRDX PVC lineup, due out in September, are Suigintou from Rozen Maiden and Riize from Zoids.

  • Who is blogging? Kotobukiya is blogging! What are they blogging? Tama-nee, in a scandalously becoming swimsuit! These bastards must be part of the NHK… we can expect her out in PVC at some point in the amorphous future.
  • Speaking of Kotobukiya and To Heart 2 characters, their Sasamori Karin PVC is now on sale.
  • I know I’ve mentioned this here before (or at least strongly hypothesized it), but Polygonia’s Tachibana Rei kit (from Paniponi Dash) is officially making its way to PVC under the auspices of Wafuudou Ganguten. He recieved the third batch of PVC samples the other day, and showcases the progress here (surprisingly ERO, you have been warned). The kit is due out in August but I think we can expect delays…

There are a bunch of other ero and miscellaneous scoops waiting in the wings, but time is up for today – should have plenty of time this weekend to hash them out. Haven’t had this much fun putting a post together in a while…

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  1. loplop July 14, 2006 at 9:09 am #

    Shingo, my wallet is really beginning to hate this site. I see two here today that I will probably buy when they come out, the Elis figure from Canvas 2 and the Tachibana Rei PVC when it’s available . . . .

  2. meganeshounen July 14, 2006 at 9:47 am #

    It’s been a while, but those To Heart 2 figures keep on coming, eh? Not that I’m against it… but where are the Da Capo II ones, I wonder?

  3. jpmeyer July 14, 2006 at 12:37 pm #

    Oh man! Galciv2! I’ve been wasting waaaaaaaay too much of the last 3 months on that one.

  4. Shingo July 14, 2006 at 1:23 pm #

    I am so sorry. I am, however, merely the messenger – I hope your wallet can look past HD to the real culprits behind this fiendish conspiracy.
    I have my eye on the Tachibana Rei and the Blancneige, myself. My wallet says it’s bad, but they look so good…
    I wouldn’t worry regarding the eventual availablity of any and all Da Capo-related items – their arrival is inexorable, like unto the tides. I just hope the posters don’t threaten to hijack Megami again. ;_;
    4X games for life! There is no more satisfying gaming experience than carefully raising an empire and ruthlessly (or deviously) conquering the galaxy with your towering might (or incomparable wiles). I haven’t installed Galciv2 on my new system yet for a reason…

  5. vyckizinha Orika February 17, 2008 at 10:21 am #

    muito kawaii
    by: vycki (brazil_)

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