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Boosting the Signal

As part of my exodus from Japan I shipped ~20 boxes of unopened 2007-2008 vintage bishoujo figures to my new home in Seattle. Now, at long last, it’s eBay time! If you’re looking for some very good deals on figures that are no longer easy to come by, you could do worse than checking out […]


Wonder Festival 2012 Winter Event Report

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter was held yesterday, February 12th at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Tokyo, Japan, and Heisei Democracy was there. I’m leaving for Seattle in a few minutes, so for now I’m posting a few highlights and will update this post with a more thorough report when I’ve regained my bearings. Some […]

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter

Winter Wonder Festival 2012 Preview

Wonder Festival 2012 Winter approaches! The date is Sunday, February 12th, and the place is the Makuhari Messe convention center, as it was last summer. Catalogs for the event went on sale today, providing both the official entry ticket and a glimpse at what many of the exhibitors are planning to show at the event. […]


Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Event Report

Up before 5 am this morning to prepare for the day’s festivities, I got everything assembled and was out the door by around 6:40 – plenty early, it turned out (note to self: get one of those battery > cell adapters before Comiket. Also a set of highlighter markers). I picked up some sunscreen to […]


Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Preview

Tomorrow is the summer incarnation of the biannual Wonder Festival hobby convention. It will be the first since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan last March, and initially there were fears that the disarray would prohibit the event planning committee at Kaiyodo from processing amateur sculptors’ requests to sell copyrighted material under the standard […]


Summer 2011 Events

I went to Takasaki today and stopped by Melon Books to pick up the catalogs for Wonder Festival Summer 2011, which is next Sunday (July 24th), and Comiket 80, which runs from August 12th through the 14th (Melon was giving away a free plastic carrying case with the Comiket catalog, which is the other object […]


Orchid Seed’s Chichinoe+ Pin-Up Lady Hibiki

A look at one of the latest figures from Orchid Seed that pairs eromanga illustrator Inoue Takuya, known for his voluptuous female designs, with sculptor Ishiyama Satoshi, known for his voluptuous female figures. The result is an improvement over their past two Chichinoe+ collaborations, as seen in the (NSFW) gallery below: Tweet


Happoubi Jin’s “Rider” by Orchid Seed

A photo review of the (ero) bike outfit Rider PVC figure released by Orchid Seed in September 2010. With a design from Happoubi Jin this is a figure that has a lot going for it from the outset – but don’t take my word for it. HD figure reviews are back! Tweet


Daiki does Kanu Unchou, again

Figure maker Daiki Kougyou posted a product listing for a new Kanu Unchou PVC figure from Ikkitousen yesterday. In the tradition of Daiki’s figure lineup she is both huge and expensive, coming in at 38cm tall (1/5 scale) and 22,995 yen retail. The sculpt is from 5-Carat of circle Brilliant Cut, and the pose is […]


Okayama ero figures enter PVC arena

Note: this post and all of the links within should be treated as highly unsafe for work. A memo in the notebook of catching up with the PVC figure world: as of this year, (in)famous resin kit producer Okayama Figure Engineering has been producing PVC versions of their incredibly explicit resin kits that have long […]


Volks Hobby Round 4

A figure exposition sponsored by Volks and exclusively featuring their merchandise was held last Sunday, October 10th, at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Volks Hobby Round 4 had the full Volks Moe Kore Model of Entertainment Collection on display, in addition to unveiling its two newest entries, Komaki Manaka and Kousaka Tamaki in their costumes […]


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