Decompression, Phase 1

My life arrived from Japan last night in these boxes.

The week before I left Japan was a blur of packing, preparation, and taking care of loose ends of my life and work there. Somehow it all came together at the last moment, resulting in the shipment of 33 boxes via seamail across the Pacific to my new home in Seattle. Two months later, they’ve arrived! Some are in near-pristine condition but most are knocked about a fair bit, and at least two were so damaged (or so customs-inspected) that they had to be repackaged in new boxes entirely.

From a preliminary survey it seems textiles fared the best, figures fared the worst, with books somewhere in the middle. The box of eromanga that capsized under its own weight must have been fun for the USPS folks to pick up and repack.

The boxes were all covered with a fine layer of dark grey sooty powder, some had corners crushed, a couple had odd puncture wounds in the sides, at least one was routed through New Jersey to get to Seattle from Japan… while seamail was the only way I could practically have afforded to move all this stuff across the ocean (and it still cost an arm and a leg), it’s not a shipping method I would recommend for an item you hold dear, especially not a figure or anything heavy or otherwise breakable.

Still, with the accumulated stash of ~9 years in Japan now (mostly) safely relocated across the Pacific, the much more enjoyable task of sorting it out for display now lies ahead. The next step in decompression: acquire enough shelving to stash it all.


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