Adjusting the Signal

After more than eight years of living and working in Japan, in October I left the Land of the Rising Sun and the life of a professional otaku behind. I didn’t come to the decision easily; it was the result of a mess of thoughts that grew in my mind over the past year and coalesced over the summer into a decision that the status quo was no longer working.

I won’t go too deeply into the reasons; suffice to say that when I thought of the good side of my life in Japan and started thinking about goals for the future and the human connections I wanted to build, the Japan side came up short. That isn’t to say I don’t still love the country and the life I had there. I’m looking forward to return visits early and often.

Which leads to the topic of Heisei Democracy. I’m currently getting my bearings in a new home base in the Pacific Northwest, but as things quiet down I’m looking forward a return to pursuing figures, games, anime and manga as hobbies rather than a profession. Facing otakuism from the perspective of a pastime and not a day job will be a great chance to bring new life to this old site, and I look forward to delving into topics of 2D and 3D design with renewed vigor in the coming months.

I can’t predict what to expect from HD in the near future. It’s one of many plates now spinning on sticks that are propped on the roughly-hewn slope of a Puget Sound shanty (ah, tortured metaphors). But in the medium term and going forward, I expect HD to return to the evil hive of smut and Sano Toshihide worship it’s always been – now from a perspective a few thousand miles of Pacific away.

If you’re looking for raw coverage and great writing from a street level Japan-dwelling perspective in the meantime, you can’t do better than the fresh fellows over at Analog Housou. The dream lives on!

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