Rise From Your Grave

Heisei Democracy: blogging since 2004, undead since 2010.

Rumors of the death of Heisei Democracy may have been exaggerated, but rumors of its new unlife have not – I’m slowly crawling my way back to the real world, through layers of dust accumulated over two years of Warcraft addiction.

In that time a lot has passed by without comment in these pages, and the site itself only partially survived a server cluster move last April. The move left it without FTP content entirely, and while with the help of the intrepid Jetfuel we were able to restore the database in a fresh WordPress install, the majority of the images are still missing, and the upgrade to WordPress 3 broke the old theme entirely. Instead of trying to reconstitute thousands of posts one by one and rebuild the old theme from deprecated elements, it seemed appropriate to start anew with a fresh look, an empty database and a pocket full of dreams for HD’s blogging future back at its original .net domain.

Having been away for awhile, the distance from the old HD has given some perspective on what caused my blogging motor to grind to a sputtering halt. It had become too much like a job, it took too much time away from enjoyment of the things I was writing about, I felt obliged to discuss things I had little interest in to begin with. It had become a chore. Along with that, I had become increasingly disenchanted with the anime and 2D culture scene in general. Following the minutiae of it in such detail, scrounging for tidbits like a 24-hour news service of ultimately trivial information, never being surprised or delighted by anything I found since it was almost always heralded by a spoiler from months before.

Starting up again my goal is to avoid a lot of the factors that contributed to the burnout. First, I plan to focus on posting about things that I have a personal interest in and where I can convey that interest effectively. Related, I’m resolving to use the main serialized blog feed for posts with substantial original content – whether it’s translation, review, photography, art, editorial commentary or something else. Items that are little more than news will end up in the Mainichi Junk feed, and for even briefer updates than that, see Twitter. This should help cut back on the massive daily net trawls that were so time consuming and headache inducing.

If this sounds like a cross between an unfinished laundry list and a self-motivational rally that’s because it is – this new site is still very much in development. There will be a lot of yukkuri taking it easy to start, as I catch up on much that was missed (yukkuri itself didn’t go viral until after I vanished, and now it’s ancient history. orz). Expect a fair amount of confused “what’s going on here guys” posting along with “so that’s what he/she/it/they’ve been up to” visiting of favorite creators’ work from the past two years.

I’m not committing to a solid posting schedule at the start. Updates will come when they come – but they will come, unlike the poor neglected HD of the past two years. I’d like to thank Seiya for keeping the flame alive there for as long as he did – he produced some great articles which really deserve to be read. The old HD.com will stay in place as an archive of what was, and I’ll be fussing with it a little to try to get it a bit prettier, but as of now it’s official – update your bookmarks, Heisei Democracy is back.

It’s good to be home.

Shingo is an otaku and recovering Warcraft addict who lives and works in the greater Tokyo area. Right now the best way to reach him is via comments on this blog, until he figures out how to deal with two years’ backlog of unread email.


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